"The Captain": The Kendall Henry Feature

Kendall Henry taking a Swing During Woodcreek's playoff game versus Bella Vista ( Jeremy McDonald- 65 Sports)

Kendall Henry taking a Swing During Woodcreek's playoff game versus Bella Vista (Jeremy McDonald- 65 Sports)

By Jeremy McDonald

The Captain.  The dictionary defines it as "One who commands, leads, or guides others".

Kendall Henry.  Senior at Woodcreek High School. was the Captain of the Timberwolves softball team. 

“I like to lead not only verbally but also by example,” said Henry.  “I take pride in knowing my teammates look up to me.”

Those leadership traits can be traced back to her father, who taught her to lead on and off the field

“My dad has had a huge impact on my life,” said Henry.  “He has always been my number one fan on and off the field. He has taught me to lead not only on the field but also in everyday life.

“He always tells me I can succeed at whatever I put my mind to. My dad is definitely my role model and I hope to be like him someday.”

The competitive and leadership juices have been flowing through Henry and the bat for the past 12 years, but she also played soccer, basketball, and volleyball along with softball and Henry said sports have taught her some valuable lessons on life.

“Sports have taught me hard work, determination, integrity and so much more that will help me throughout life,” she said.

Once she got to Woodcreek, Henry turned her focus to softball and volleyball, having played softball and volleyball at the varsity level for the past two years.

By her senior year as a T'Wolve athlete, her leadership and versatility skills got her tabbed as captain by head coach Jeff Fischer on the softball team.

“It has been great having Kendall in our program the last four years,” said Fischer on Henry.  “She's very talented and also has the versatility to play pretty much wherever you need her.

“She was great for Ron (Mathus) and I this year as far as letting her know what we needed done that day, whether it was a practice or a game.”

For Henry, it was an honor to be named team captain.

“Being selected as captain was a huge honor. I took pride in knowing my teammates looked up to me,” said Henry.  “I played with a very talented group of files. We had great camaraderie which made the season flow and made my job as captain that much easier.”

Bolstering a 4.3 GPA, Henry preaches the importance of time management as a student-athlete.

“ Being a student athlete is hard work. It requires time management as well as focus and determination,” she said.  “I was lucky enough to have a strong support system at home. I wouldn't be where I am without the support of my parents.”

 After graduation, Henry is going to attend Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee where she will major in Kinesiology with a goal in hand to become a Physical Therapist after receiving her master’s degree while continuing to play the sport she loves.

“I am so excited to be attending Rhodes (College),” said Henry.  “Not only is the campus beautiful but the people are amazing, and the food is delicious who doesn't love southern BBQ! I'm excited to continue playing the sport I love at the collegiate level.

“I really hope to be a positive contributor to the team. As a student I hope to continue my strong academic achievements.”

In the meantime, Henry will be played in the Optimist All-Star Game, an opportunity to end her high school career and represent the Maroon and Black once more.

“It was a huge honor to be selected to represent Woodcreek in the optimist all-star game,” she said. “It feels great to be recognized and know that my hard work paid off.”

The North won 9-6 and Henry made a diving catch out in the outfield, walked and hit a line drive in the third inning, but it was a bitter sweet ending to her high school career however.

“It was so fun playing with the best girls in the area,” said Henry.  “It was truly an honor to be selected to represent my school. I was a little sad because it was the last time putting on my high school jersey but I just wanted to go out there and play my game and have fun. 

There is a bright future for Henry, but once thing is for certain.

“I'm a huge goofball,” she started.  “I love pulling pranks especially on my family. They are so gullible so they make it easy.”

Let’s hope she doesn’t pull too many pranks at Rhodes!