Second Annual "Claw" Awards

By Jeremy McDonald

Daniel jones whitney male athlete of the year

Daniel jones whitney male athlete of the year

On Wednesday May 27, the Whitney Athletic Department held their second-annual, End of the Year Banquet called The “Claw” Awards that were hosted by and ran by the students of Whitney High School.

Through research at different types of award shows, the “Claw” Awards managed a string of highlights and speeches in 75 minutes!

“The goal was we watched the ESPYs on ESPN, and said, ‘we can do that.  We can do that here at Whitney High School in Rocklin, California’, and I think we came pretty darn close,” said Wildcat Athletic Director Jason Feuerbach.  “It’s a student run production, I think you saw that with all the kids participating and all athletes coming up and speaking, thanking people. 

“It flows pretty well and it’s something we’re extremely proud of and the hard work that goes into it and what the kids did tonight”

Below are the winners from this year’s awards:

Best Aquatics Athlete-  Lauren Votava

Best Basketball Player-  Sterling Quinton

Best Football Player- Devon Brocchini

Best Golfer-  Brain Sterri

Best Performer (Dance/Cheer)- Hailey Nyal

Best Player on the Diamonds- Dylan Rudnicki

Best soccer Player- Clayton Soto

Best Tennis Player­ Konner Macias

Best Track and Field/Cross Country Athlete-  Hannah Arnold

Best Volleyball Player-  Cole Aidnik

Best Wrestler-  Jacob Schroeder

Christian Daniels for Hard Work-  Christina Daley

Outstanding Citizenship Award-  Eric Leverenz

Best Breakthrough Athlete-  Sterling Quinton

Best Comeback Athlete-  Andrew Gruber

Best Moment-  Men’s Volleyball Winning a Division-I Section Title

Best Record-Breaking Performance-  Women’s Golf Team-Most section Titles and League Titles in a Row

Best Upset- Softball Beating Rocklin

Best Female Strength and Conditioning Athlete-  Katie James

Best Male Strength and Conditioning Athlete-  Joe Roberts

Best Female Scholar Athlete-  Christina Daley

Best Male Scholar Athlete-  Konner Macias

Best Female Athlete-   Lauren Votava

Best Male Athlete-  Daniel Jones