Former Wildcat, Current Wolverines heading to Sac State

Molly McConnell was a fixture in goal for the Sierra College Women's Soccer team the last two years ( Jeremy McDonald-65 Sports)

Molly McConnell was a fixture in goal for the Sierra College Women's Soccer team the last two years (Jeremy McDonald-65 Sports)

By Jeremy McDonald

On the campus of Sierra College, Molly McConnell was a NSCAA Junior College All West Region Section Team goalkeeper, at Whitney High School, she’s known as coach.

But come August, she’ll be playing for a starting spot at goalie at CSU-Sacramento State.

“I love the school.  I love the coaches there, they’re great,” said McConnell.  “It’s always been my top one school.  I always wanted to go there, it’s (Division)-I.  They play competitively there and I’m really excited to play.” 

In 2014, McConnell saved 137 shots for the Wolverines as she explains her time playing at Sierra as an learning experience of the game.

“I learned a lot, I matured a lot,” she said.  “I learned a lot from the game from my coaches here, so it’s been a great experience.

During this past spring, in between training and class, she went back to her alma mater where she coached varsity girls soccer as a goalkeeper coach, and the experience opened her eyes from a different angle of the game.

“With Jordan Higgins, I try to train with her a little bit and try watching her play and helping coach her a little bit actually helped me learn a lot more about the game and learn a lot more about positioning.

“Just all aspects of the game with helping her and helping Cheyenne (Foster).  It was really cool, those are two cool girls.  I hope they get all the opportunities that I have and more.”

Once on the Hornet’s campus, McConnell will be in a battle for the starting goalkeeper position.

“It’s going to be hard competition, she’s a very good goalkeeper.  She’s going to be a sophomore next year but I think it’s going to teach me a lot, push me a lot, make me better.  She’s going to make me better.”

At Sacramento State, McConnell will major in Communications as academic junior, but is unknown what her emphasis within the major is going to be.

“It’s super generalized right now,” “Once I get there, I think I’ll specifiy more.  I have my orientation soon so I think I’ll learn a lot more there.”

Early August you can see McConnell don the green and white at the soccer fields on the Sacramento State campus.