Sierra's Freshman Scores Trifecta on Diamond

By Jeremy McDonald

It was a trifecta of sorts for Lexi Wagoner.

NFCA All-American, First Team All-State, and First Team All Big Eight for the second year freshman from Napa High School was a surprising feat to say the least.

“I was pretty shocked,” said Wagoner. “It was pretty cool to get all that but I couldn’t do that without my teammates definitely because they’ve thrown me live hitting almost every week and not a lot of hitters get that.”

In 2015, Wagoner is hitting .432, five homeruns, 38 RBIs and five stolen bases and has been playing out of position by playing in the outfield outside of her traditional third base and catcher positions.

“It was hard at first but I think it helped being athletic being able to make that change,” said Wagoner. “Getting a lot of practice out there because it is a big difference reading the ball off the bat than it is in the infield.

Despite all that, Sierra head coach Darci Brownell is impressed with her being successful in her new role in the outfield and being able to hit well; but most importantly, be an leader to her teammates.

“She’s definitely a leader,” said Brownell.  “Because she redshirted last year, she’s older than some of the kids.  She’s been through a lot, she’s been to state with us and she knows what it takes.”

Wagoner points to hard work, her coaches and practice that got her to be as successful this season.

 “I come early out a lot every day, just swinging in the cage,” said Wagoner.  “Getting reps out in the outfield, have coaches hit me fly balls.  So that is very important, getting a lot of extra practice in”

The goals for the rest of this season is simple as her Wolverines prepared for a big playoff weekend:  Win State.

“All of our team has been working hard,” said Wagoner.  “Just getting extra practice in, some people are coming out early.  It’s just nice to see that everyone’s coming out ready to step on some necks and go after it.”

On duplicating 2015 success for the future, Wagoner said the recipe is to stay calm, collective and playing relaxed.

“I’m not done, I have a lot more room that I can improve at,” she said.

But there is one thing you may not know about Lexi Wagoner.

Her love for The Little Mermaid.

“I love Disney movies,” Wagoner said. “I guess I’m a little kid at heart and most people don’t know about me.”

Just keep swimming Lexi, just keep swimming.