North wins in Four Over South in Optimist in Division-I game

By Jeremy McDonald

SACRAMENTO -- The 31 athletes involved in the Optimist Boys Volleyball Division-I All-Star Game gave the fans at Capital Christian High School a good game.

Despite  North winning with just one practice as a team in a 22-25, 25-18, 25-21, 25-23 victory, the honor of playing in a game like this was still present through the competition.

"It felt great, ending my senior year in volleyball ending this (like this) and represent Woodcreek," said Timberwolves Wesley Levins.

For the first three sets, Whitney's Cole Aidnik and Roseville's Trevor Pratt were dominant forces on the north side of the court.

"We just decided to come out and have fun," said Pratt.  "That's what this whole game is about.  I guess we just relaxed a bit and go for it."

For Roseville Head Coach Jason Cole, sitting number two to Nevada Union's head coach Marco Salcedo, he said that it was an honor to see the kids go out in one more game.

"It's just an honor when you get a bunch of kids that work hard and see them come out here in one final moment," said Cole.

Set three went to the North 25-21, and with the help of Whitney's Cavan Stewart, the North built a 15-7 lead on the south in set four.

"Overall as a team we played really good the entire game," said Aidnik.  "We were kind of making stupid, little mistakes.  Missing serves, trying to force sets that we didn't need to force.

"But overall everyone stepped up and played phenomenally."

The south rallied with a 13-4 run to tie the game at 22

"We were ready to go to the fifth set if we need to," Pratt said. "But we were thinking we can get the ball down and not going to worry about it."

The North settled in, and with a Cavan Stewart kill, the North won the match and Aidnik won the MVP award.

"It feels really good," said Aidnik.  "I couldn't have done it without my team.  I've played with these guys for my entire life and it felt good to play one last game with them and finish a high school career together."