Zebras Too Much for El Dorado

retrieved from Lincoln Beacon website:  http://lincolnbeacon.com/zerbas-too-much-for-el-dorado

By Jeremy McDonald

The Lincoln High School boys volleyball team made “senior night” a special one as they swept visiting El Dorado in three sets, 26-24, 26-24, 25-18.

Aaron Vandeveer, a freshman, was instrumental in the win for the Zebras.

“They’re trying to make us better for next season and they’re helping out a lot,” said Vandeveer on the “passing of the torch” from the seniors to the underclassmen.

Vandeveer and Gunner Michealson got Lincoln off to a 14-8 first set lead, but defensive miscues led to a 7-2 run by El Dorado who cut Lincoln’s lead to one. 

With the game tied at twenty four, Matt Moss made a kill after a lengthy play and a Mitchell Holt smash bounced off a defender to give the Zebras the first set, 26-24.

“Just trying to be scrappy to the ball,” said Moss. “Trying to get to the ball and not let it hit the floor.  Sometimes it’s just back and forth, kind of ugly ball. But if we can win those, then that’ll help us a lot.”

Lincoln struggled to find their groove in the second set due to Elijah Magat’s play for the Cougars, but the Zebra’s patience paid off. As in the first set, Lincoln’s slowed Magat’s influence on the game which allowed the Zebras to take the second set at the same 26-24.

“We knew Elijah is their big hitter,” said Coach Ken Lowe.  “One of the biggest emphases was stopping him this week and we didn’t completely stop him, but we took a little bit out of him and I think that really helped us tonight.”

In the third, Behind Vandeveer and Holt, Lincoln maintained a small lead over El Dorado before pulling away late for the set and match win, 25-18.

“I was going hard because I wanted to win on senior night,” said Michealson.  “Everyone that is a senior wanted to win tonight.”