Gateway 8th Grade Girl's Basketball Defeats John Adams 23-16


Rocklin Academy Gateway 8th grade girl's basketball team starts of their season 2-0 heading into a match up again sister school Western Sierra next Tuesday at home.  The Gator's carry 5 8th graders and bring 5 7th graders on their varsity team this season. The Gateway girl's play in their own gym this year after practicing out on the cement and playing their home games at Western Sierra.

Gators First Ever Basketball Game Ends In First Win!

Colfax, CA
Thursday, Setpember 9th, 2015

A group of 6th grade girls and one 7th grader traveled to Colfax to participate in Rocklin Academy Gateway's first ever basketball game. The game was played in the 7th grade division due to the league having only 7th and 8th grade level participation.

A strong support of parents and staff help to put together an athletic program this year and joined the Sierra Foothills League.

As the Gators took the court against the Bulldogs you could tell the Gateway had a height advantage with 6th grader Kiera LeRoy at 5'7 and the rest of the Colfax team much shorter. This would end of a large advantage in the rebound for the Gators.

The very first points were scored by Hailey Smith the older cousin of Kiera's who picked up the assist on the play.

Extremely strong play by all the girls allowed the Gators to run out to a large 10 - 2 lead at the half.

Alyssa Deemark showed she has the shot and moves to take the big shot and she kept the energy for gateways offense along with Hailey Smith. 

The second half, the Bulldogs not being able to get shots off inside with the tall Kiera LeRoy inside took to taking long shots and making them. This would not be enough as the Gators would finish the game with a 20 - 10 win. 

65 Sports was able to talk to Principal Jillayne Antoon

Jillayne enthusiastically told 65sports, "I wore a jersey around school all day. I was so excited about this. Even when we announce the kids to leave for the game, the entire school cheered their fellow students as they left. The spirit of what we are doing here at Gateway with basketball, cross country and even soccer starting soon has brought a lot of spirit to all of us."

Asked about how it came together so fast Mrs. Antoon explaind, "It did come together fast. In fact, our basketball coach was only hired the Friday before this game. The kids have worked hard, practicing outdoors to prepare for this."

The Gators face their sister school Western Sierra at Western Sierra on Tuesday at 3:45 pm. Gateway is the home team at this event.

65 Sports will be there and will have more in depth stats and coverage.