Racing at it's Finest Saturday at All American

Street Stocks heading out for their heat race ( Jeremy McDonald 65 Sports)

Street Stocks heading out for their heat race (Jeremy McDonald 65 Sports)

By Jeremy McDonald

ROSEVILLE-- Under the warm, summer weather at All American Speedway Saturday night, 29 young racers between the ages of three and ten, took to the track for the kid's Powerwheel Race.

For Larry Alarcon, F -4 Modifieds racer, he thinks that it’s a great thing for the racetrack to put on.

“It’s awesome for the kids, great for the fans,” said Alacron.  “As you can see there’s a quite a bit more fans out here.  At least five times a year, I think that’ll be good.”

Alarcon’s four-year-old son raced in the 3-4 age group.


Alacron proved dominant once again in the F-4 Modifieds race, leading all 25 laps after a late push by the 9x car of Tim Walters as Alarcon's tires began to wear late.

“That was a awesome race,” Alacron said.  “My tires started giving out there towards the end, I could tell that the car was getting a little hot.  That restart (on lap 6) killed me.

“Tim’s fast, I’m proud of him, he’s getting better.  He’s right there with me.”

Audra Sasseli was also strong and had the fast car in the second main event of the night.

The problem was however lap traffic.  By lap 12 of the 30 lap race, Sasseli weaved through traffic, slowing her pace and allowed Danny Burrell to catch up to her.

“I knew he was there, so when I caught lap traffic,” she said.  “I tried to watch the line they were running and I look where I catch them.

“But they were kind of racing with each other when I caught up with them and I was boxed in.  I was trying to push them out.”

Some in race strategy would give her some advantage as Sasseli held on for the win.

 “Just trying to stay calm and not trying to get into a crash,” Sasseli said.  “I saw the 88 hook his nose on the outside and I thought, ‘if I can get to the turn first then I’ll be ok’.”


Muddling through four lead changes emgered Roseville's own Jim Badeker victorious in the 30-lap main event.

“I got out in front and I kind of kept my lead about the same amount the whole race,” he said on the win.

Badeker admitted that he made the car loose and it affected him early on in the race, but after he got in front of Codi Barba in the 12 car on lap 9 following a restart, the rest was history.

“On a restart (on lap 7), Codi got by me and I had to work to get pass him.  But when I did pass him, I was gone,” Badeker described the restart.


Terry Thomas Jr. started the Bomber race strong before dropping to fourth when a  caution was dropped on lap 15.

Thomas Jr. would exit the race on lap 16 after crashing into turn 1.  He did not return to the race.

A familiar name would sneak up through the field however and would take the checkered flag.

Erick Ray.

Ray found a way to battle through the traffic of the seven cars in front of him to pick up his seventh straight victory of the season after starting in the eighth position.

“The driving, we had to be patient,” said Ray.  “You have to be patient in the race car, wait for the opportunities and you got to be ready to take them.”

As for seven in a row.

“Seven in a row.  It’s a record," said Ray.  "We’re going out of town and race with some Northern California guys and see what Roseville guys are like.”


It was racing at its best described Mark Gardiner on the Street Stock race.

“That’s how it suppose to be, when it’s close like that,” said Gardiner.  “I just got my tires hot, I lost all grip.  But it was fun.”

For the first half of the race, first 17 to be exact, had six cars on one another’s bumpers like a atomic bond from chemistry class.

“It’s indescribable, there’s no room for error,” said Andrew Peeler, who hovered in the top three to top five all night.  “You spin a tire and you’re done pretty much.  It was stepping on needles for sure.”

Eventually it came down to Dan Farrington, Peeler and Rich Lavallee in the final seven laps with Farrington In the lead.

Farrington would hold on for the win however.

“That was good hard fought racing right there,” said Farrngton.  “Everybody was so close.  Mark’s car was pushing, he kept getting higher.  (At) one point I helped him get higher, he got back in front of me; I felt bad but it all balanced out at the end.

Lavallee, who battled some car troubles during the day, finished third.  He described as racing with what you got.

“It’s like laying up in golf.  You don’t want to do it, but sometimes you have to for the better,” he said.  “Because if I would have pushed it, something could’ve let go.”