Wild And Strong Finishes at All American Speedway

A look down pit road during practice ( jeremy mcdonald- 65 sports)

A look down pit road during practice (jeremy mcdonald- 65 sports)

By Jeremy McDonald

Memorial Day weekend wouldn't be complete without some racing at All American Speedway on Saturday night.

With just the Bombers, Street Stocks and F-4 Modifieds racing; the Bombers and competed in two 25-race main events segments, the Street Stocks in a 40 lap main event and the F-4's added ten laps to their usual 25-lap main event to have some more racing fun this weekend.

For the first half of the street stocks race, Dan Farrington was a dominance force on the oval, boxing out Andrew Peeler and driving through lap traffic like it was a Sunday stroll.

That was, until around lap 25 when Rich Lavallee came up from the rear to the rear bumper of Farrington’s after an car problem during practice earlier in the day.

Lavallee credits his team for the fix and for that push.

“We could’ve tucked in as a team and called it a day,” said Lavallee on the day.  “But they were right there and they’re the ones right there who get the car going.  If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have half of this.  So it was a team effort tonight.”

By lap 27, Lavallee took the lead from Farrington by going outside and never looked back, taking the 40 lap main event by a good distance.

It turned out that Farrington's car was tight going into the turns and loose coming out.

“My car is usually pretty good,” said Farrignton.  “Towards the start (of the race) is what I’ve had.  The problem I’m having is that it’s tight going in and it’s loose when I hit on the gas.  So I’m fighting around that. 

“We’ve had it figured out last week, it ran great.  It’s the same car this week, so I’m a little baffled. 

The first 25 laps went from a dominance of one driver to a bumper to bumper finish.

After a strong start by Terry Thomas Jr, the help of lapped traffic allowed the 77 car of Erick Ray and the 3 of Chris Paulson to pass him.

A lap 23 caution set up a wild finish as Ray, sitting in second on the restart, took the outside route and Paulson in the inside found themselves neck and neck exiting turn four as Ray manage to stick his bumper out just far enough for the win.

 “Paulson got their car faster,” said Ray on the finish.  “We just got a good run on them on the outside and we were able to hang on.”

The second 25 lap main event, there was two lead changes before Ray's car kicked it into another gear, taking the lead once more for his fifth win on the season on lap 15.

“We had some fast rides out there Joe Rhodes Jr got his car hooked up and gave me a good run, had Paulson again on the back of us, it was really good,” said Ray. 

“It’s five in a row for us.  It’s amazing right now.  Words can’t describe it.”


For three restarts, the F-4 Modifieds had an unique way to restart the race.

Going three-way from the drop of the green flag.

“A lot better now, last race it was giving out on me so I changed a few things and I got the power back,” “But there’s fast cars out there so we got to keep doing what we’re doing every week.”

But Larry Alarcon's number 10 car proved to strong at the end, leading the final 28 laps of the race for the win.

STREET STOCKS- Dan Farrington 
BOMBERS- Erick Ray 
F-4 MODIFIEDS- Keith Hopkinson Jr.

The Next Race at All American Speedway will be Saturday, June 6th when the Bombers, Street Stocks and F-4 Modifieds welcome the Hardtops racers!

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