NASCAR lifts Kurt Busch's suspension

2004 Champ Kurt Busch is free and clear to get back in #41 car after missing the first 3 races of the season. Have to say, about freakin' time. Kurt was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR based on allegations made by an ex-girlfriend. Here's the problem with that: he was never charged with a crime. The DA of Delaware stated there wasn't enough evidence to bring the allegation to court.

NASCAR's executive VP, Steve O'Donnell, said "We have made it very clear to Kurt Busch our expectations for him moving forward, which includes participation in a treatment program and full compliance with all judicial requirements as a result of his off-track behavior."

What off-track behavior? Kurt has essentially been found innocent. Since when are people punished before they are even charged in a court of law? Better yet, how about an apology for denying the man the right to show up to work for three races? Back pay?

Say what you will about the fans, and trust me when I say I know every NASCAR joke ever written, but even folks who hate Kurt Busch were disgusted by the violation of his rights. Considering how many drivers have already been injured this season due to the lack of safety on the track, NASCAR has better things to do than violate the soul of being an American.

Welcome back, Kurt.